Some upcoming game characters

I've been working for quite some time on a new game that should be out and free to play somewhere in january or february. It's going to be a cute little adventure game for which I won't give too much detail just yet.

All I'm gonna say is that after finishing HyperSpace Shooter, I felt like stepping back from action games and programming, so I settled for a simple game in which I could focus mostly on graphics and animation.

I'm still going to tease you a little bit with some character sketches compared with their vector renditions:

The sketches were done very quickly. You can even see that they were done on used papers, as the printed text shows through it. In the end they came out pretty nicely and are fun to animate. More on that later!


Junkyard Sam said...

Ha! I like these characters and the colors used... They differentiate pretty well but still fit together as a group.

I especially enjoy the tan blond near the bottom. I think you captured that "look" pretty well.

I'm curious and interested to see them animated!

Kevin said...

The game is almost complete! I hope I will be able to release it publicly pretty soon, though it might take a while as I'm still looking for a sponsor. I'll keep the Indiegamer Developer forum up to date when I release it. ;)