Everything is too Fast's environment and character sketches

My new project, currently titled Everything is too Fast, will make heavy use of hand drawn graphics and animations. Ringside Hero was but a practice ground for this project.

Actually, the idea behind RH was two fold :
1) to finally finish an old project I started long ago with a friend and
2) to test and practice the production of hand drawn graphics for game use.

Since I'll be making a LOT of animations for that new game, the first thing I decided to do is to scale up my character design a bit so I get more control over the finesse of the movements :

My sketches started out at about the same size as the boxers in Ringside Hero but I doubled it in Photoshop, printed it and retraced it with finer details to make the final concept art (left). 

Below is an early animation test :

I've also been working iteratively on the main environment, going back and forth between developing the look, design and backstory. Here's one of the first version :

And the latest version :

This is not a final version as the story has been recently changed. I've watched a lot of Primitive Technology's videos (which are fascinating) to rethink the actions of the game and the design of the habitation.

Stay tuned for more...

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