Enter "Sprite Sequence", a weekly game project

So here is finally my new project disclosed. I'm sorry for those of you who ended up here looking for more of "Ringside Hero", the sequel has been canceled for now as I just don't have the financial means to work on it's sequel.

What is Sprite Sequence?
Tired of working on relatively big titles that took 6 to 18 months to develop, tired of taking risks, investing money, not seeing the end of it and receiving little to no return on investment on my work, I decided it was time to put FUN back in making games.

The concept of Sprite Sequence is to mimic what comic artists are doing with web comics and adopt a regular release schedule. Sprite Sequence is thus not a game but a series of tiny game vignettes that will be released once a week (hopefully). So in the next few weeks you'll see why I made a flying man and a walking bear.

This project will allow me to explore the narrative power of interactivity, change direction at will and not bother with complex code and debugging. Moreover, I can treat my fans with a flow of regular content instead of a game every nobody knows when.

Enough writing now. It already has 5 entries that you can play through. Just click below to start at the beginning!

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