This blog and where to follow my work

If you want to stay updated about my work on Sprite Sequence, there is two ways you can do that :

  • Like my Facebook page, on which I'll post a link to the new sequence every Friday.
  • Follow me on Patreon, where I'll also post links to new sequences. You can also become a Patron to receive extra in-depth articles about the making of Sprite Sequence and other cool rewards. The rewards will cost you money (and support my work) but following is free!
I've long wanted to post new articles about game design and in-depth game analysis so I'll keep this blog for such purpose. Future articles will also be submitted to gamasutra's bloggers section. 

This means that this blog will be from now on very seldomly updated (not a big change)! Any article posted here will be linked through Facebook and Patreon too so you won't miss it if you follow me somehow.

Yours truly,

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