Still trying tools for Ringside Hero

I thought I was all geared up with Haxe, HaxePunk and FlashDevelop (which are all fantastic in their own right) to build Ringside Hero's sequel. And I was! But then I started working with that setup for a while.

Never have I looked so deeply into the darkness of my soul. Some people love programming and the technical challenges it provides and they'll be happy with those tools. Me, I struggled and hated every moment of it. I'm really bad with tech related stuffs and while I can code, I'd rather not. Flash and AS3 were OK to work with so far (thanks to Flash's graphic interface mostly) but Haxe just felt painful for every moment I used it.

So since I was on the verge of depression, I decided to explore some more options. Not long ago, I stumbled upon this short RPG Maker VX project I've made several years ago, Julie's Quest. This led me to exploring RPG Maker's website and I noticed that GG Maker thing so I decided to give it a go.

I've been toying around with the trial for a week or so and I'm having a blast! It took me some time to figure out the basics as it's not very documented like Flash and AS3 are but I'm slowly getting the hang of it and I can put some interfaces together PAINLESSLY. What a relief!

I'm sure it's not the most powerful software out there but it has an interface I can relate to and it's fun to use. This is a very important point for me. Making games is hard already so at least it should be fun! At $70 and able to export to different devices (iOS coming soon they claim), it's a very attractive product. I didn't tried GameMaker as the $800 price for the pro version turned me off.

I'll keep you updated with my progress. Hopefully I'll stick with this tool and get the game done somehow!

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