This blog and where to follow my work

If you want to stay updated about my work on Sprite Sequence, there is two ways you can do that :

  • Like my Facebook page, on which I'll post a link to the new sequence every Friday.
  • Follow me on Patreon, where I'll also post links to new sequences. You can also become a Patron to receive extra in-depth articles about the making of Sprite Sequence and other cool rewards. The rewards will cost you money (and support my work) but following is free!
I've long wanted to post new articles about game design and in-depth game analysis so I'll keep this blog for such purpose. Future articles will also be submitted to gamasutra's bloggers section. 

This means that this blog will be from now on very seldomly updated (not a big change)! Any article posted here will be linked through Facebook and Patreon too so you won't miss it if you follow me somehow.

Yours truly,


Sprite Sequence updates every Fridays!

Sprite Sequence has received a weekly update every Fridays so far. Hopefully I will be able to keep the pace! I plan to write more about my process in the future, including the motivations behind this peculiar project.

But until then! If you want to be updated about new entries in the Sprite Sequence series, follow Small is Beautiful's facebook page.

If you've seen the first entries, here is a good place to start. I'm up to 8 entries now and I'll be ending the first chapter soon.

Oooh, I can't wait for next Friday!


Enter "Sprite Sequence", a weekly game project

So here is finally my new project disclosed. I'm sorry for those of you who ended up here looking for more of "Ringside Hero", the sequel has been canceled for now as I just don't have the financial means to work on it's sequel.

What is Sprite Sequence?
Tired of working on relatively big titles that took 6 to 18 months to develop, tired of taking risks, investing money, not seeing the end of it and receiving little to no return on investment on my work, I decided it was time to put FUN back in making games.


Sneak peaks into my work

Not much time to share my things and write witty comment. Here's a quick peak into my current work. But what is that mysterious mystery project with flying men?!?

We'll see soon!


Walking Bear

Here's the latest inked piece fresh out of my drawing table. A secondary character from my yet to be disclosed project. 

Is it a an enemy? A friend? A playable character? It might be cast into any of those roles! That's the beauty of that new project : every character's role might be changed during the project.

Stay tuned!


Stop-Motion session with my Kids!

I'm only a Game Developer for a small part of my time. For another big part of my time, I'm a homeschooling father of two amazingly creative kids. There is Boy (4) and a Girl (7) and with two artsy parents around, interesting projects are often quickly improvised. I received a tripod for our camera last Christmas and during a daily arts & crafts session making paper toys with the kids, I set it up for a quick stop-motion test on the kitchen's table.

Boy and Girl were eager to try for themselves and the result is pretty cool!

(animations after the break)


Still trying tools for Ringside Hero

I thought I was all geared up with Haxe, HaxePunk and FlashDevelop (which are all fantastic in their own right) to build Ringside Hero's sequel. And I was! But then I started working with that setup for a while.

Never have I looked so deeply into the darkness of my soul. Some people love programming and the technical challenges it provides and they'll be happy with those tools. Me, I struggled and hated every moment of it. I'm really bad with tech related stuffs and while I can code, I'd rather not. Flash and AS3 were OK to work with so far (thanks to Flash's graphic interface mostly) but Haxe just felt painful for every moment I used it.